Thomas McGannon
Ep. 7 - 06 / 03 / 22

Religiously optimistic.


Thomas’s “Unlimited Partners” podcast:

Tegus expert network:

The Three-Body Problem:

Stop Stealing Dreams:

Waldorf method:

Nikhil Buduma
Ep. 6 - 05 / 24 / 22

All debt and no tech, solving problems, and responding to life.


Nikhil’s books:

Nikhil’s company:

Early exposure:

How we met:

Your Name:

No Country For Old Men:

Anish Athalye:

Marjorie Liu:

Bill Gates documentary (Nikhil’s book has a cameo appearance):

Data science in baseball:



Who hiring book:

Arun Prasad
Ep. 5 - 04 / 08 / 22

Bringing thought, word, and deed into alignment.


Arun’s first Hacker News post:

Writing as a tool for thinking:

Timing App:

Arun on Perfectionism (how we met):

The Mind Illuminated:

SF Zen Center:

Alexis Sirkin and Lucas Kasle
Ep. 4 - 03 / 01 / 22

Prepping for a big American road trip.



Zion National Park Utah:

White Sands National Park New Mexico:

Mountain View Arkansas:

Tellico Plains Tennessee and Great Smoky Mountains:,

Mammoth Cave National Park Kentucky:

Domes on AirBnb:

Tiger Shen
Ep. 3 - 02 / 08 / 22

Reality is the best teacher.


4000 Weeks book:

Top 2 Things essay:

Oliver Burkeman:

Interact Community:

Graham Duncan article - What’s going on here, with this human?:

Seth Godin on emotional labor:,

Cedric and his -isms:

Welcome Virtual Events:

Brad Bachu
Ep. 2 - 02 / 03 / 22

On transitioning from academia to industry with a theoretical physics PhD.


7 Strategies for Wealth and Happiness book:

Atomic Habits book:

Deep Work book:

Mexican Hat Potential:

Brad’s Website:

Mina Fahmi and Drew Bent
Ep. 1 - 01 / 29 / 22

Weekly magazines, The Trailblazer List, and podcast gossip.


Points of You book:

Trailblazer List:

Apple Folklore:

All-in Pod (E63-64):,